Division Current Units

Current Units of the 1st Cavalry Division

Assigned and Attached

2BCT in Korea at uncasing 1 July 2015

Headquarters & Headquarters Battalion

Headquarters Service Company
Operations Company
Intelligence & Sustainment Company
Signal Company
1st Cavalry Division Band
Horse Cavalry Detachment

1st Brigade Combat Team

(Iron Horse)
HHC, 1st BCT
1st Squadron, 7th Cavalry “Garryowen”
2nd Battalion, 5th Cavalry “Lancers”
2nd Battalion, 8th Cavalry “Stallions”
2nd Battalion, 12th Cavalry “Thunder Horse”
91st Brigade Engineer Battalion “Sabers”
1st Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery “Dragons”
115th Brigade Support Battalion “Muleskinners”

2nd Brigade Combat Team

(Black Jack)
HHC, 2nd BCT
4th Squadron, 9th Cavalry “Darkhorse”
1st Battalion, 5th Cavalry “Black Knights”
1st Battalion, 8th Cavalry “Mustangs”
1st Battalion, 9th Cavalry “Head Hunters”
8th Brigade Engineer Battalion “Trojan Horse”
3rd Battalion, 16th Field Artillery “Rolling Thunder”
15th Brigade Support Battalion “Gambler”

3rd Brigade Combat Team

(Grey Wolf)
HHC, 2nd BCT
6th Squadron, 9th Cavalry “Saber”
2nd Battalion, 7th Cavalry “Ghost”
3rd Battalion, 8th Cavalry “Warhorse”
1st Battalion, 12th Cavalry “Chargers”
3rd Brigade Engineer Battalion “Beavers”
2nd Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery “Steel Dragons”
215th Brigade Support Battalion “Blacksmiths”

1st Air Cavalry Brigade


HHC, 1st ACB
1st Battalion, 227th Aviation “First Attack”
2nd Battalion, 227th Aviation “Lobos”
3rd Battalion, 227th Aviation “Spearhead”
7th Squadron, 17th Cavalry “Palehorse”
615th Brigade Support Battalion “Cold Steel”

1st Cavalry Division Artillery


1st Cavalry Division Sustainment Brigade

(Wagon Master)
1st Special Troops Battalion, 1CDSB  “Wranglers”
553rd Combat Sustainment Support Battalion “Gunslingers”
124th Transportation Company (OKARNG)
249th Transportation Company (TXARNG)



9th Air Support Operations Squadron (USAF)  (Attached)

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