Association Leadership

Our Current Leadership

The Officers, Board of Governors, Advisory Council of the 1st Cavalry Division Association, and Trustees of the Foundation of the 1st Cavalry Division Association.


2008 Reunion Room Bob Johnson, Webster, Frank Alverson, Jim Epperson

President – Allen O. Norris* (2018)
1st Vice President –  Scott L. Sjule* (2018)
2nd Vice President – Richard A. Kaye* (2018)
3rd Vice President – Donald R. Smolinski* (2018)

Board of Governors

Starr Corbin
Samuel C. Dixon
Robert S. Heintz
Ryan Hodge
Phillip F. Johndrow
John J. McNiff
James P. Norman, III
James R. Rollins
Glen Vela

Cynthia Ballinger
Rosemary M. Carter
David W Clemons
Timothy A. Hodge
Ronnie L. Killingsworth
John LeBrun
Roger May
J. Shawn Perry
Michael A. Vuolo

Immediate Past President – James R. Stokely* (2022)
Division Representative – Vacant*

President’s Advisory Council

(All appointed by the President – no term expiration)

Chairman – Vacant*
GEN Daniel B. Allyn
Julius W. Becton
MG Michael A. Bills
Daniel P. Bolger
Morris J. Brady
Kevin P. Byrnes
MG Jeff Broadwater (Current Division Commander)
Peter W. Chiarelli
Wesley K. Clark
Michael J. Conrad
James W. Dingeman
Joseph F. Fil, Jr.
Joseph L. Galloway
Thomas E. Hartin
LTG Anthony R. Ierardi
CSM Thomas C. Kenny (Current Division CSM)
Leon J. LaPorte
Barbara J. MacMillan
David D. McKiernan
Edward C. Meyer
Hugh L. C. Millar
Joeseph F. H. Peterson
William J. Richardson, Jr.
Eric K. Shinseki
William F. Streeter
John H. Tilelli, Jr.Association Historian – Terry McCarl
Public Affairs Director – Vacant

* Member of the Executive Council

Trustees of the Foundation of the 1st Cavalry Division Association

Executive Trustee – Peter Tattersall* (2016-2019)
Trustee – Rosemary M. Carter (Reunion 2022)
Trustee – Starr Corbin** (Reunion 2021)
Trustee – Ron L. Killingsworth (Reunion 2021)
Trustee – David A. Lutgen (Reunion 2020)
Trustee – W. Terry maddox (Reunion 2021)

The Headquarters Staff of the Association

Executive Director – Dara Wydler
Programs and SABER – Tina Wilgeroth
Membership and Chapter Coordinator – Karleen Maloney

Finance and Budget Committee

(All appointed by President – no term expiration)
Chairman – David A. Lutgen
Ryan Hodge
Richard A. Kaye
Jeffrey E. Phillips
Don R. Smolinski

Health Care Information Committee

(All appointed by President – no term expiration)
Chairman – James R. Rollins
Roger May
Barry L. McAlpine
Scott L. Sjule

Marketing and Recruitment Committee

(All appointed by President – no term expiration)
Chairman – Peter Tattersall
Rosemary M. Carter
Richard A. Kaye
Roger May
Jeffrey E. Phillips
James R. Rollins
Scott L. Sjule

Highlights - CTA

Ghosts of Fallujah

Ghosts of Fallujah (written by Coley D. Tyler) is a first person account of the Second Battalion, Seventh Cavalry’s participation in the Second Battle of Fallujah, the largest single engagement of the Iraq War and the largest urban battle since Hue in 1968. A First Marine Division operation, it was spearheaded by one of the […]

Special Annoucements

Public Request for Division Assets (Band/Horse Cav Detachment/Honor Guard)

Need to request a Division asset: the Band, Horse CAV Detachment, or Honor Guard? Fill out the provided DD Form 2536 and email it to: SFC Kristin M. Chandler at  If you have any questions about filling out the form call SFC Chandler at 254-288-2601. DD2536 Asset Request Form