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A non-political, non-sectarian, non-profit Soldiers and Veterans fraternity.

On July 17, 1944, a group of FIRST TEAM Soldiers in the Admiralty Islands agreed to form an Association of 1st Cavalry Division Soldiers and Veterans to preserve old friendships and conduct periodic reunions. The Association held its first reunion in 1948 in El Paso, Texas and was incorporated in Washington, DC in 1949.

Anyone who has been assigned or attached to the 1st Cavalry Division anytime, anywhere, is eligible for Life membership. There are more than 28,000 men and women on our active membership rolls.

We are a group of Soldiers and former Soldiers from privates to 4-star generals who share a bond of service with the FIRST TEAM.  We are dedicated to supporting the 1st Cavalry Division and each other.  Once Cav, always Cav!




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Working with the ex-service community is an important part our work in the organization.

To preserve and strengthen friendships through annual reunions, chapter activities, and our bi-monthly news letter, SABER. To obtain tangible evidence of membership in the Association, i.e., Membership card, membership certificate, lapel pin, window sticker, annual calendar, and a one-year subscription to SABER.

If you were ever assigned or attached to the 1st Cavalry Division print the Life Member Application, fill it out, and mail it with a $10 check or money order to the 1st Cavalry Division Association. If you never served with the 1st Cavalry Division but would like to join print the Associate Member Application, fill it out and mail it with a $15 check for an annual membership or $150 for a Life Associate Membership to the 1st Cavalry Division.

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Alumni of the First Team

We are country-wide. The National headquarters is located in Copperas Cove, Texas. There are several chapters throughout the country, as well as a chapter in the active Division at Fort Hood.

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Regarding your marketing e-mails. When I received your marketing e-mail from the main 1cda.org website, I noticed in the "FROM" field, it reads, "First Cavalry Division Ass.". This is both inappropriate and an incorrect abbreviation for the term, "Association". Please consider revising this field to read, "First Cavalry Division Assoc.", or "First Cavalry Division Assn.". Both of these are correct and certainly more appropriate.

The First Cavalry Division is not "Ass"!!! Thank you.

William Watson, Alumni
Co-Founder - U.S. Military Hats
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Need your help. My big brother who served in Vietnam 67-69 as a crew chief is not doing well. He, with the help of some of his Brothers in Arms is starting to talk about his time there and, it is as though he wants his family to know very badly. His younger brothers and other family members who are and always have been very proud of him as well as yourselves, were told not to bring up the war and give him space which we did. He became the greatest man we never knew. His brothers and I would very much like to know about his time in the army, what he was feeling prior to enlisting as well as after coming home. What you guys did was important and I want to make sure his story gets told before it is too late. I need help with the military designations. All we have so far is, 1st Cavalry 11th Aviation Group and not sure 227th - 228th or 229th. Not sure what Company but he was a Crew Chief Spec -4 on a Medivac and he said long runs? Mail and supplies? Any help would be greatly appreciated. ... See MoreSee Less

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